“49-Days” Basic Instructions

7x7=49day Self Examination (Godly)
49-Day (and counting) Self Examination Template

Here’s how it works:

Referring to the grid above, the first week is ‘Love’. The seven characters of Love are examined for seven days. Week Two is ‘Strength’, in the same manner, the seven characters of Strength are examined for seven days. So on, and so forth.

D1 always starts on a Monday. Monday is the Love aspect of Love, then, Tuesday is the Strength aspect of Love, then, Wednesday is the Beauty aspect of Love, and so on and so forth, as illustrated in the grid above until the entire grid has been exhausted. The following week starts over with Strength as the focus.

All weeks are designed to evaluate 49 specific characters.

Here’s what to expect:

The daily videos have scriptures that can be applied to that day’s introspection. I shoot the videos either the night before or on the morning of that day’s introspection. I stay as brief as possible, it’s better to allow the Holy Spirit to travel with you for the day, not me.

The blog portion will not include scriptures. Please think me not heretical – there are enough daily devotions out there already.

This method does not discriminate. It is not a measuring rod for sin, it introspectively  evaluates personal character weaknesses and allows your strengths to be reinforced by you, not me.

My method is based on a Jewish observance, “The Count to the Omer”, but not associated with any one religion, doctrine, or belief system other than straight up bible truths.

Regardless of belief, the brief definitions of our best attributes fosters the desire to polish their luster. The questions are merely a tool to discover deficient character qualities so that our emotions aren’t in conflict with our heart’s true intent.

Personal note: 

It’s not lifestyles that harm our connections to God, it is our disconnection from God that severs our ties to Him. When in relationship with God, our lifestyles reflect spiritual wholeness. We are at peace, leaving restlessness behind.

Through His Word, the things that actually harm us are: Idolatry (replacing His sovereignty with ours), fears and doubts, reckless emotions and grudges, bitterness with disdain for self and fellow humans and anything that causes us to panic or have paranoia.

With an open mind, please consider the spiritual statements given within the daily reflection. Without God, healing is not possible.

Over the course of 49 days, you’re able to discover the same conclusion I found, we are indeed all made in God’s image, in spite of us, we are all still made in His likeness. It is the connection to that one fact that changes everything!

With that – I close with this:

May God take you to places you’ve never been before!!!!

Warmest regards, – W