D1: Love of Love

21 April 2019

Self Examine:

the kindness aspect of your love


******Still working kinks out… Only the first image is turned the wrong way – not sure why, but I left it alone, wanted to keep the entire content.



Ask Yourself:

  • Is my love loving, is it kind?
  • Is my love the best reflection of God’s love created in me?
  • Do I only love people I can ‘control’?
  • Is my current characters in love a product of what I learned as a child? Or, is my love rooted in God’s truths?
  • If my love is measured by past hurts, is my love loving enough to forgive?
  • Can I show love without receiving love in return?
  • Is my kindness fake sometimes?
  • Can I find love in any forms of self abuse or acted out abuses? (no!)

Easy Exercise:

Challenge: Walk in love – THE WHOLE DAY! Intentionally be aware of the love found in your kindnesses towards others. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself.


Love heals Love.