Wk1: Love


God is love. The love aspect of love is also the kindness aspect of kindness. Being the first emotional character to examine, it is THE fitting root for a connection to all seven of God’s characters.

Love is relational. So, if relationships are like ropes, then love is the braid in it that reinforces the strength of our ties to Him and others.

When our roots in love are incorrect, then our growth in healthy love can be stifled, or distorted, to some degree.

When we lack love in our lives we ‘wither’, our ‘headlights’ grow dim.

The most basic need in life is the most necessary: Love.

Love’s opposite is hate.

Love is God’s first emotional character made within us: He loved us first and gave us the capacity to love Him back in addition to loving ourselves and others in harmonious ways.

Last thought: Love is never punishing, but it is examining.

Have a good week and we’ll visit discipline next week – W


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