D2: The Love of Strength

For: Tuesday, 23 April 2019
Strong Tuesdays
New calf born this morning (22 April 2019). Amazing way to start the first of 48 more days ahead. (Still working out the first image glitch)

Strength = restraint, discipline, truth, justice, weights and measures, standards, judgments.

Love requires healthy restraints or it will be given too freely and excessively to the wrong thing(s).

Undisciplined love robs and/or cheats faith by setting up unrealistic expectations.

Love that justifies and testifies to truth is the same love that builds, not destroys.

Disciplined love tempers passionate love and balances daily relationships with other people.

Love is the root for discipline. Even when punishments/consequences (judgments) are involved, love draws out its purpose: better behavior.

Truthfully ask yourself: 

  • What does the love aspect of my strength reflect?
  • Do I withhold my love because I fear being hurt?
  • Do I stop the flow of love just because I’ve been wronged?
  • Is my display of love influenced by others?
  • Do I go ‘all-over-the-place’ with my love? Do I suffocate people with my love?
  • Does my love involve jealousy, control, or malice?


Exercise for the day:
Tame your tongue to speak kindness. In everything. We can say anything, it’s just that we shouldn’t say everything.


Love heals Strength