D3: The Beauty of Love

Wednesday, 24 April 2019


Same as:

The compassion of our kindness.

The harmony of our loving-kindness is also the capacity to reach higher when tough moments want to bring us lower.

The splendor of true love balances the expressions of mercy, even in traumatic or high stress situations.

Beautiful love NEVER robs peace, hope, or human dignity.

Compassionate love is a helping hand, not a hand out.

Love that is harmonious overlooks flaws, without sacrificing respect, honor or integrity.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I reflect compassion in my love authentically or out of duty?
  • How harmonious is my definition of love?
    • Is my attitude ‘my way or no way’?
    • Do I display the image of mercy?
    • CAN I compromise my pride to bring peace?
    • Do I throw ‘fits’ when I feel under-appreciated or unnoticed?
  • If I withdrew my love from those who wronged me, am I justified or am I just being unreasonable?
  • Because I was made in God’s image, what does the compassionate aspect of my love reflect back to Him?


Today’s challenge: If your compassion is waning, insist on being loving. If your love is waning, insist on being compassionate. The practice of one or the other inspires harmony between the two by default.

Love heals Beauty