D5: The Humility of Love

Friday, 26 April 2019



Same as: 

  • Humbled Loving-kindness
  • Gentle kindness
  • Grateful love
  • Respectful love


Arrogant love= not love.

Abusive love= not love.

Prideful love= not love.

Selfish love= not love.

Bitter love= not love.

Love that strives= not love.

Greedy love= not love.

Fabricated love= not love.

Degrading another to undignified terms is not loving nor humbled.

Gentle love recognizes human value in all relationships: marriage,family, parenting, colleagues, and usual daily people encounters.

Gentleness is a universal ‘word’ that even animals understand.


Behaviors to consider: 

  • How grateful am I?
    • Do I complain too much?
    • Do I appreciate God’s love for me?
    • Do I take others for granted?
  • How forgiving am I?
    • People who have wronged me
    • Relationships that disappointed me
    • When I let myself down
  • Is my love gentle?
    • Patient?
    • Calm?
    • Confident?
  • Do I listen to others as much as I talk to them?
    • Is the conversation balanced?


Exercise for the day:

Introspectively consider your levels of gratitude.

Gentleness heals Love


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