D6: The Bonds of Love

Saturday, 27 April 2019


Same as: 

  • The Connections of Love
  • Relational Love
  • Foundations of Love
  • Roots of Love


Love must have an object to bond to in order for it to be activated. Wandering (Undisciplined) love can bond to the wrong objects (attitudes, relationships, thoughts, things).

God is the only one who is qualified to partner (bond) with you when it comes to spiritual wholeness. Try as we may to avoid that truth, He actually is the only tangible soul healer. Anyone or thing other than Him will always fall short.

Through the bonds to Jesus Christ we are able to connect to Him (our Father in Heaven) and He to us, allowing Him to not control our lives but rather to live through our lives, completing the true design of what He intended: the best versions of ourselves.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I bonding to?
    • Frustration?
    • Fear?
    • Duty?
    • Competing?
    • Laziness?
  • Who am I bonding to?
    • Family?
    • Friends?
    • Colleagues?
    • Social Media?
    • TV, movies, news media, talk shows?
      • What are things I’m letting my eyes see and my ears hear every day?
  • Does my love have a safe destination or is it aimlessly wandering?
    • need for immediate gratification?
    • Or, patient enough to be prudent?
  • Are my foundations solid?
    • Do I reciprocate God’s love back to Him?
    • Do I let God bond me to His perfect love?

Challenge today:   Open your heart to God’s bonding love for you. He already knows you better than yourself. His love is gentle, calming and complete, casting out all fears while repairing our hearts.

Bonds heal love


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