D8: The Love of Strength

Monday, 29 April 2019


Same as:

  • The love aspect of integrity
  • The kindness of restraint
  • The love of disciplines
  • Structured love

For strong love to thrive, it must bare integrity.

The integrity side of love is best displayed this way: through fairness, truthfulness,  thoughtfulness, submissiveness and obedience.

Disciplined love uses balanced scales to weigh words and intent.

Strong love does not have to state its case.

Ask yourself:

  • How loving is my strength?
  • Are my judgments rooted in love?
  • Are the standards I set for others made with realistic measures?
  • Am I a door-mat? Do I allow others to run over me too much?
  • Am I disciplined enough to search out a matter on my own, or do I rely too much on the reviews of others to influence me?
  • Do I have a passion for truth? Or, do I have a passion to be right?
  • When I’m lazy: is this idle time for rest or is it an excuse to not get something done?

Exercise for the day:

Love Strong: Ok… it’s Monday! Intentionally be the ‘chipper’ morning person, but make it an all day thing. Don’t be obnoxious, just a strong attitude in love today: authentically happy. It doesn’t matter how the other person is behaving, be strong in kindness today.

Love heals Strength

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