D9: Strength of Strength

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Same as: 

  • The strength of strength
  • The discipline of discipline
  • The integrity of integrity

True strength embraces accountability.

God’s strength within us is conditioned by His Word.

When strength is compromised, my ‘truth’ starts to lean toward defeating thoughts: “No one will know if I bend the rules slightly”,  and even, “It’s OK that I gossip about that person“; and here’s a super-duper defeating thought, “I don’t care that I don’t care”.

Ask yourself:

  • How tempered am I?
  • Do I sleep on it, or do I leap on it?
  • Do I hold myself accountable?
  • Do I lie to hide the truth, or do I lie to save someone’s feelings?
  • When I am cheated, disrespected or personally violated, do I find a positive way to express my hurt? Or, do I repress it and hope my hurt will go away in time?
  • Do I discipline myself in areas of my emotions and actions, or am I ‘all over the place’?
  • what compulsive behaviors do I lean towards?

Exercise for the day:

Challenge: Be strong: Tame your tongue – just like last week. If you can’t be nice, then keep it to yourself.

FYI: Tuesdays are always strong. How you speak to people will always be the focus in the daily exercise.

Strength heals Strength





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