D11. The Victory of Strength

Thursday, 02 May 2019


  • The endurance of truth
  • The agenda of measures, weights and standards
  • The motivation behind justice

Things to reflect on:

Intentions for doing ‘this‘?

Stamina that is strong when it draws from individuality: it’s hard to be something you’re not.

Things that drain ‘me’ spiritually defeat me.  Flip side – things I drain defeat others.

Ask yourself:

  • When I am by myself, do I find something to distract me from having a silent moment with God?
  • What motivates me to press thru, press on or press the quit button?
  • Do I cheer for people or just want to be cheered for myself?
  • If I wrote my obituary, what would it say?

Exercise for the day:

Strength in One: TODAY! – find a way to have quite time! I mean serious quiet time. Endure the silence long enough to ask the Lord to expose your strengths from Him. He will because He loves loving on His children!

Victory heals Strength



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