D12: The Humility of Strength

Friday, 03 May 2019


  • The attitudes of truth
  • Humbled judgment


Humility recognizes its position at all times.

God recognizes His position as Father to us always. When we face difficult times it is God’s strong humility that draws us back to Him to be comforted, affirmed and built back up.

Humility is a peacemaker, not a abuse-taker. It is important to walk away from confrontations, just don’t confuse humility with low self esteem and let abuse be an excuse to overlook abusive behavior.

Authentic humility is never tolerant of criminal injustices. Humility never, never puts oneself or another human in an unsafe or undignified situation.

Humility is the accountability to God, not just to self or others.

Ask yourself:

  • How much of a free thinker am I?
    • Do I think for myself?
    • Do I allow others to think for me?
  • Am I too disqualifying? (all the reasons why ‘it’ won’t work)
    • Pesemistic
    • Discouraging to myself or others?
  • Do I understand fully what humility means?
    • gratitude
    • meekness
    • being humbled



Listen to others. Take a genuine interest in what they are saying. Don’t steal their pause, let them finish their entire thought process. BE grateful you have the capacity to do this.

Humility heals Strength


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