D13: The Bonds of Strength

Saturday, 03 May 2019

Same as:

  • The connections of our truths, opinions, judgments
  • Perceptions And our concepts of laws, weights, measures, and our personal disciplines, business dealings
  • The foundations of how we interact with our fellowmen

Bonding requires an agent: something it identifies with. If there is no sense of proprietorship, then there will never be a strong connection.

Traumatic experiences are just that – experiences. Disconnecting from the emotional scars can actually be accomplished by opening up to God’s truths: you are made in His image, enduring and strong. 

Ask yourself:

  • Do I bond to God’s Truths?
  • Am I over-connected, am I drawing from too many things that influence my judgments?
    • outside influences
      • family, friends, work, social groups
    • electronic influences
      • TV, news, social media
  • Are my connections to others tempered?
    • Respectful?
    • Compassionate?
    • Encouraging?


Challenge: Try to observe yourself today in your interactions with others. Take mental notes of your responses and how you identified with who you interacted with.


Bonds heal Strength


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