D14. The Sovereignty of Strength

Sunday, 04 May 3019

Same as:

  • The ownership of truth
  • The stewardship of our personal judgments
  • The kingship of our business dealings

The standards we apply to ourselves, alone, should include accountability, honor, valor, humility, kindness, and nobility.

Strong leadership is not lordship, it is kingship instead. Kingship does not war against laws or statutes. Kingship finds value in submission to Godly standards.

Our strength levels can directly be measured by the way we handle ourselves at our worst moments.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I control my emotions or do they control me?
  • I fly off the handle easily, do I jump to conclusions too quickly?
  • Do my words allow me to lift others up?
  • Do I display God’s royalty in my appearance?
  • Do I display discipline in my ownership of my personal property?

Exercise for the day: 

Be the strong you, you are! Own your strength by being regal and noble in thought, words and appearance. Yes… put your Sunday clothes on, be the royal child you are.


Sovereignty heals Strength


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