Wk:3 Beauty – overview

May 5th - May 12th
No video today – just thoughts… the above two pictures are actually related. I didn’t intentionally set out to do that. The one on the left is what I posted for this day during the last series. The one on the right is something I shot for advertising last week. It’s a perfect visual of how harmony can make the very guarded and untouchable comfortably fit in with the right setting (all the characters designed within us to flourish). The red succulent can be considered as compassionate, balancing the entire group’s (our characters) different shades of green (our egos).

Beauty is a reflection of compassion, mercy, and harmony minus suspicion or bias.

Beauty, in spiritual terms, is a behavioral character, not so much an appearance, however, the appearance of true splendor is unmistakable, its brilliance can’t be ignored.

In times of imbalance, it is important to re-weigh things that ‘tip our scales’ and not ignore them in the hopes they go away.

To face character flaws and correct them is a beautiful thing.

Refinement is not taking one’s identity away by no means. Rather, it’s a polishing agent for God’s image found in the human soul to reflect efficient, effective, and effortlessly shine, instead of being dull or hard in its luster.

We can disagree with fellow humans; harmony isn’t about agreement (an aspect of strength). Characters of beauty do not focus on things like looks, trends, fashions, lifestyles, social class, financial status, spiritual levels, or even political affiliations.

God is no respecter of men/women: from His point of view, He is found in every human by default. To Him, we are His mirror, made in His image. How we reflect back to Him is what He is interested in. Are we well balanced by God, if yes, then how well balanced are we with others in our harmonious life with Him?

Personal note: it was when I stopped worrying about my flaws that I finally saw God’s reflection. I have this strong-willed bottom tooth and I am 100% middle aged. But, after practicing compassion, I just – ‘go with it, – it’s who I am’…battle scars and all. Compassion is about others, never self-focused. When I worry about what I lack I can’t focus on God’s triumphs through me.  Every scar bares a story, one that ends in victory every time because my God is for me, never once against me.  He is for you also. There is no language to convey how spiritually healing He actually is.

Until next week, when victory becomes the focus – have a beautiful week! – W



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