D15. The Love of Beauty

Monday, 06 May 2019



  • The kindness of splendor
  • The love of harmony
  • The loving-kindness of balance

Think about it:

Love that is beautiful reflects selflessness.

Compassion protects love. Love protects compassion.

Harmony can be found in ‘tough love’ as long as the agenda is based on better behavior desires instead of being used as a tool for rejection.

We can verify God’s attribute of loving compassion through His ever-present promises of forgiveness, blessings, and everlasting peace.

Provable: When we are in harmony with Him, we don’t have to hold God to His Word, His promises are just freely given by default. Prayer and petitions that are grounded in love that is beautiful seeks actual blessings for others, even for enemies.

Loving compassionately does not barge in, it tethers itself to humility, temperance and patience, while leaving doubt to accomplish what it can do behind.


Ask yourself: 

  • How loving is my compassion for others?
  • How well do I forgive others?
  • How well do I show mercy to others?
  • How well do I forgive myself?


Exercise for the day: 

God already knows our individual levels of beautiful love, so, for today, ask God to show you His levels in you with regards to people who you feel have wronged you.

If you have, indeed, forgiven everyone, use the day to polish your people skills.

Love heals Beauty



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