D16: The Strength of Beauty

Tuesday, 07 May 2019

Same as: 

  • Disciplined compassion
  • Honesty in truth
  • Fairness in balance and harmony

When mercy becomes distorted by human philosophy, biblical truths become only embers in our souls instead of flames for our inner-spirits.

In all honesty, we really do not have to shake our fists to make change happen, truth is beautiful enough speaking in whispers.

Few words spoken in gentle truth creates the right kind of change faster than many words spoken in resentment or hostility.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I show fairness in my compassion?
    • Am I selective?
  • Do I behave compassionately?
  • Is my compassion used to boast of my deeds?
  • Are my strengths regal and noble, in harmony with valor?


Challenge: Engage beautiful strength: be on your bestest, and I mean bestest behavior today.

Strength heals Beauty

In leu of video…

Matt 5:13-16

Basically: Allow your light to shine, effectively strong.