D18: The Victory of Beauty

Thursday, 09 May 2019

Same As:

  • The endurance of compassion
  • The tranquility of harmony
  • The motives and agendas of compassion

Compassion actually never wanes, it is the fuel for stamina. Example: Providing for your household; feeding your domestic pets or livestock. We are all care-givers in some form or fashion, in our homes or in our jobs.

Stamina requires healthy amounts of compassion otherwise purpose will never be formed. Purpose is a motivator, purpose requires compassion to act, otherwise bonding is impossible.

It is compassion that actually keeps us going. What wars within us are our strengths, not our compassion. The version of truth we walk in directly guides our steps; do we defeat ourselves or do we allow others to think for us?

Honestly ask yourself:

  • In terms of my relationship with others, how enduring am I with them?
    • Am I consistent?
    • Am I circumstantial?
    • Am I reliable?
    • Do I listen to them or do all the talking?
  • How do I define my enduring compassion?
    • Does it display tranquility?



(Exercise not mine today – this one was too good… couldn’t top it if I tried)   In middle of the busy day, take a moment and call (or reach out somehow) someone that needs a compassionate word. Defend someone who is in need of sympathy even if it’s not a popular position.

Beauty heals Victory