D19: The Humility of Beauty

Friday, 10 May 2019

Same as:

  • Humbled compassion
  • Humbled harmony

Humility’s position is submissive, but IS NOT low esteem for one’s self. It is sure in its submission to compassion for others and self, but DOES NOT view itself as weak, less than or not worthy. It’s actually the confidence behind actions in love, compassion, truth, and the glue that bonds us to others.

If your dignity is being swiped by another, do not retaliate, instead, vacate. You are not held to undignified environments. Being someone’s doormat is never an aspect of mercy that’s humbled.

Tough truth: if your the one with the ‘ugly’ humility it tends to look like this:  coveting, jealous, judgmental, and condescending behaviors.

Provable: Humility that is beautiful has the power to calm a tense situation. It brings out peace because of its authentic presence. When compassion is humbled, it deters panicky reactions.

Ask yourself: 

  • In a tense situation, what prevents me from being calm?
    • What are my ‘triggers’?
  • Is my compassion for others derived from humility or is it being used to as a tool to be praised by others with?
  • How much do I complain about my circumstances?
    • What is preventing me from changing the things I complain about?
  • Am I humbled enough to allow my compassion towards others to flourish?
    • Or, is my levels of compassion in a complacent state?


Exercise for the day: 

Challenge: Fridays, like today, are the best time to practice “Counting Your Blessings” AND compassion for those less fortunate.  As you head into the weekend, count your personal blessings from God – your family, friends, finances, food, etc…

Humility heals Beauty

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