D20: The Bonds of Beauty

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Same as:

  • The connections of compassion
  • The foundations of harmony, balance


Without bonds, compassion has no direction. Compassion needs a person to be compassionate towards.

God created the human race to benefit from fellowship. Although retreating to quiet places do the inner-spirit good, keep in mind that God created us to work together, harmoniously, each unique enough to benefit the whole.

As hard as some of us may try to be, we are not small islands in the ocean of life, we need the mainland where the land dwellers are to help grow our character traits and affirm the peace found in showing compassion to others.

Ask yourself:

  • Does my compassion create a lasting relationship?
    • Am I grateful?
    • Do I take my relationships for granted?
  • If I am holding my mercy hostage, why?
  • What is preventing me from forgiving: others, past circumstances, myself?
  • Do I allow myself fellowship time with others to foster compassion, or do I rush through encounters with people?

Be a Compassionate Legend – Actually go out of your way to help someone today. Literally put forth the effort.  Allow others to show compassion to you.

Bonds heal Beauty


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