D24: The Beauty of Victory

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Same as:

  • The balance of stamina
  • The harmony attribute of intent
  • The splendor of longsufference
  • Compassion aspect of perseverance

It is good to want good for yourself. It is best to want good for others.

Endurance without compassion is too self focused and tends to overlook its true agenda: the well being of others.

Beauty is a champion when your sole purpose for helping someone is simply because they need help.

Enduring harmony is that deep sigh before you speak so that you are level headed with your responding words instead of adding to the tension. But switching the words? It is harmonious endurance that accomplishes peace.

Compassion that doesn’t follow all the way through can develop bad habits in egocentrics that cause fear and/or anger issues.

Ask yourself: 

  • Does my focus on ‘something’ undermine my compassion towards others?
    • Am I too absorbed by my…”______”…to help others in need?
      • daily routine
      • work
      • goals
      • school
  • Am I able to be humbled in my victories?
  • Do I ever overlook the opportunities to celebrate the victories of others?
  • Does my endurance display the aspects of compassion?


Challenge: BE patient today, especially with those who test  your resolve.


Beauty heals Victory




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