D26: The Humility of Victory

Friday, 17 May 2019

Same as:

  • The gratitude of enduring
  • Humbled intentions and motives

Ideologies of service are under constant construction as we collaborate with others on a daily basis. Humility can stretch our tunnel vision perspectives when we allow it.

Consider the following:

Our individuality must identify with its position as an equal to fellow humans, otherwise characters of self imposed empowerment can and will wreak havoc.

True humility yields. It is the ‘merging’ with others on life’s highways, not reckless driving.

Think about it:

It might be that allowing the other driver to take the lead will create a better flow in traffic; one will never know, if they won’t give up their lane.

On the other hand, false humility ignorantly yields to dangerous drivers who might be going the wrong way. Expressions in humility do intensify in high-stress moments, but they are never complacent to standing in their character strengths.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I understand that my race is my own and that I’m really not in competition with others?
  • Do I know when to back off, when to properly yield?
  • What keeps me standing fast, unbending? Are my motives correctly prioritized?
  • Can my characters in humility survive an emergency crisis?

Exercise for the day: 

Challenge: Replace all negative words with words that reflect humility. Harder than it sounds.

Bonus points: shift your thoughts in the same direction.

 Humility heals Victory





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