D27: The Bonds of Victory

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Same as:

  • The connection of determination
  • The ties of endurance

Victory never wins all by itself, it requires the elements of strong relationships to fine tune the reasons why we stick with others through thick and thin or goals all the way to their completion.

Lasting relationships are determined by the strength of their integrity towards one another. If trust is compromised, endurance can become exhausting.

Regardless of another’s integrity, strengthening one’s own endurance by remaining honest with themselves, as well as the other person, is the best remedy in imbalanced relationships. There’s no need to be ugly, just gently honest.

It’s okay to walk away from relationships that do not bare the fruits associated with healthy relationships. Love does not hurt. Compassion is not a doormat. Humility stands strong in justice and truth.

Sometimes, yes, sometimes, there are humans who are not compatible in relationships with each other. Never the less, we can still be a harmonious encouragement to people regardless of how far we position ourselves from them.

Pushing people away or avoiding them simply because you don’t want to be in relation with them cheats lessons in endurance. It weakens our spirits when we quit on people too much and/or too often.

Ask yourself: 

  • Do I weigh the value of my relationships on a balanced scale?
    • Is it about me all the time? Is it about them all of the time?
    • Am I honest with my feelings?
      • with me?
      • with them?
  • Do fears from past hurts prevent me from developing new relationships?
    • Am I holding on to grudges?
  • What are things that motivate me to stay in my current relationships?
    • Why such a strong connection?
      • is it duty, guilt, or habit?
      • Do I compliment another’s agenda?
  • What are things that ended close and personal relationships in my past?
    • Lack of honesty?
    • Lack of nurturing of the relationship, stewardship?
    • unrealistic expectations?

Challenge: There’s nothing like laughing with friends. Today is a great day to connect to people. Let fears of rejection go today, even if you receive a declination for an invite, today is about the motives of our connections with others.

Bonds heal Victory

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