D28: The Victory of Sovereignty

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Same as:

    • Ownership that endures
    • Sovereignty of determination


    • Endurance requires
      • love for a root
      • strength for discipline
      • compassion for purpose
      • inspiration for motivation
      • humility for position
      • connections for identity
      • Ownership to foster determination

Ask yourself: 

  • When others wane, do I remain? Or do I wane?
  • Does my definition of a winner bring out the best in me?
  • Do I bring out the best in others?
  • Do I cower too much?
  • Or, do I try too many new things?
  • Do my personal attributes endure lovingly, strong, compassionately, and humbly  while tightly embracing God?

Challenge: Trim unnecessary connections and reconnect to things that grow nobility within yourself that benefit others.

If you are enduring something you should be disconnecting from, develop a dignified exit strategy and execute it.

Bonus Points: If your heart still has hurts, take a deep breath…. and slowly….. let go of all emotional attachments to your past (even if it was just 15 minutes ago) in terms of hurts, violations, disagreements, and anything that tempts you to lose heart, cower, regress or self-doubt God’s truth of Himself in you. Take ownership of your ability to be enduring with others. Celebrate the fact the you posses the ability to forgive and go the distance with others. 

Sovereignty heals Victory

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