D29: The Love of Humility

Monday, 20 May 2019

Same as:

  • The kindness of gratitude
  • The (level of) love in service
  • The (measure of ) kindness in humility

Loving humility builds us, never tearing us down. Never causing us to be less than we really are.

Kindness in humility never allows it’s voice to speak falsely against another. Regardless of what another person is doing, or not doing, it uses words to build the best in another, especially in their worst.

Humility DOES NOT hurt or fail. It is the exact opposite- it directly influences lasting wins with its root in kindness.


Ask yourself: 

  • When I correct someone, do I bring out the best in them in my approach or do I cause frustration?
  • When I am kind, do I display my humility authentically, or does my personality give me the appearance that I really don’t care for another’s success?
  • Do I allow myself to use past hurts to benefit my future’s strategies, or do I harbor the grudge and let it continue to defeat me?

Challenge: Authentically be kind in your service. No matter your position at work or in “life”, walk in kind humility today.

Love heals Humility

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