I Dreamt of my Mentor’s Passing: RIP Lucas Berk 1936-2019

**actual dream journal entry, no edits. I just copy and pasted. Even included my notes I wrote with it, leaving nothing out.

October 8th, 2017

This was a ‘sliver’ dream.

I am on a ‘track’. It is dirt. But, it’s like a cattle shoot with corrugated metal for walls – just like the one at West Auction. The track has a wide left curve, very much like a running track. I am walking the track and I look up and notice a man. I begin to approach/pass him. I don’t go to him, just passing by instead. He is standing on an ‘overlook’ and cheering me on. Then, I realize I know this guy, but can’t make out who he is. Whoever he was he was yelling at me. I couldn’t make out what he was yelling, but it was very much like encouragement with a lot of energy. Telling me, “You can do this!! COME ON!!!!”

***Hope that one is a true one, God. Have to add: Woke with a great attitude! Finished the day with a great attitude.

20 May 2019
Today, I found out that one of my mentors passed on the 17th of May, just a few days ago. His name was and still is Lucas. Rather than beating myself up for not seeing him as often as I should have, I want to share what happened last week that pertained to him specifically.  I firmly believe this is the greatest honor I can pay him.

This is what happened:

Out of the blue, Lucas flooded my thoughts for about 3-4 days prior to his passing. I had no clue he was about to transition home. See, it was his teachings on the Temple, five fold ministry, and his life as an example of the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in his characters as well as his spiritually mature levels in prophetic theology that had me reflecting on our years spent in ministry together.

I would have never thought he would have become one of the biggest impacts on my life based on how we met. See, the first two times we encountered each other was him chastising me for doing good. Brutal as he was, I discovered his intent on the third encounter: he was a protector of God’s Word, black and white, no grays what-so-ever. Also, he was a Dutchman—- in Texas. His personality was not warm and friendly, like Texans. Being a Dutchman, his disciplines were well-grounded in firmness, fairness and justice. He left personality out of it, but also embraced and daily walked in all seven of God’s characters. The miracles, signs and wonders that followed him were many, many, many.  He embraced the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit and responsibility used every one of them. Rather than words, he taught through example.

Lucas challenged me, for my good, not for my defeat. He stood corrected when he was wrong, and was humbled by his apostolic calling every day of his life. I am most grateful to have known him and to have learned from him. His impact on my life can be seen in Liberty Road. After all, it was Lucas that guided me to Jewish observances and customs as being the forerunner of the Gospels of Jesus Christ.

So… back to my dream and the connection to Lucas.

In a bizarre moment last week at the farm/ranch, while I was working and reflecting on people I was grateful for, I noticed an odd cluster of clouds appearing. They looked to be writing something, but with the naked eye the glare from the sun was too harsh. So, instead, I used my phone to shoot the clouds so I could get a better look (photo taken 05 13 19 at 3:54 pm).

Upon reviewing, I saw this in the clouds: Yell… glad I have the shot posted below, or you wouldn’t have believed me. I actually stopped and prayed for regional peace and tranquility. Crazy as it sounds, I still know it was a prophetic call to me, but didn’t stop and dwell too long, just took note, prayed and ‘filed’ it for later.

Through proof, I know that God is intentional, never coincidental. I have had too many memories of miracles and speechless moments with God regarding nature or social atmosphere changes and unbelievable supernatural occurrences. Lucas and his wife, Betty, were part of that journey with me a few ‘seasons’ ago. I never short change God and say He can’t do something, neither did Lucas, he questioned man, but never God. Lucas helped foster that level of faith in me through testing my beliefs every chance he got. So glad he loved me enough to do that for me. It reminds me that those of us who think we are so mature in our ideologies should be loving these kids coming up enough to challenge them instead of complaining they know nothing. Lucas did that, replaced complaints with challenges and opportunities to spiritually grow.

So…. Today, as I am finding out about my friend, and not adding the two (dream and his passing) together yet, I wrote a post on Facebook to announce the quiet departure of  Lucas and ended with, “I’m counting on you to root for me from your cloud!”…. Within seconds this dream was brought to my memory out of the blue along with the picture from last week. 

As I compared the discoveries, it was clear – the wisdom left behind by Lucas will live eternally because it was from above.

To honor my teacher, Lucas-

I will YELL

“God is REAL!! His Word is REAL! His ways are TRUE!! God’s love is WHOLE & COMPLETE!! God IS good!!”

I will miss you, Lucas – Thank you, Lord, for causing my steps to walk with Lucas’ for a time. Thank You, Father, for the message of encouragement on a grand scale and the reaffirmation that the mysteries of life are at our finger tips, all we gotta do is believe enough to reach.

(For those of you who see VeLE – that is still Hungarian for ‘with him’.) Yep!! I will still ‘yell’ ‘with him’ (Lucas)….. God is True, Loving, Enduring, Majestic, and imprinted on each of us. God is healing and healthy, tried and trusted, forever He reigns.  Until we meet again, Lucas Berk, rest in perfect peace.





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