D31: The Beauty of Humility

  • Wednesday, 22 May 2019
  • Same as:
    • The compassion attribute of position
      The harmony of humbleness

    The counterweight to balance out pride is humility.

    Humility is developed through acts of compassion, likewise, compassion is developed through acts of humility. If you lack in one, the practice of the other fosters the growth of the whole.

    inner peace can largely be attributed to harmonious humility. The focus on another’s well being is spiritual ‘health-food’ for the soul.

    Ask yourself: 

    • Do I allow pride to stop the flow of my compassion?
      • Do I become frustrated too easily?
    • Are my angers, fears, or anxieties triggered…
      • by my standards?
        • am I biased or fair in my opinions about myself? Others?
      • by the pressures of others?
        • performance anxieties
    • Is my compassion based on position and duty, or from gratitude? There are no wrong answers.

    Exercise for the day: 

    Challenge: Practice humility in your compassion by going out of your way to help people in need today. Strangers qualify. Short on funds? Compliment people – it’s compassionate and downright feels good.

    Bonus Points: Help your enemy, by praying for their needs. But not: ‘Give ’em compassion, Lord.’ Or, ‘teach them, Lord’. Rather – pray more direct and selfless like this: Father? This person needs You, they hurt like we all do. Please, Father, created in me a contrite heart to be of service in Your plans for their life and not just another hypocritical christian who thinks they know the right prescription to fix them. I ask in Jesus’ name,  Amen.”

    Beauty heals Humility


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