D32: The Victory of Humility

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Same as:

  • The endurance of position
  • The determination of humility
  • The purpose of humbleness

Humility teaches sportsmanship at all levels. Trophies become hollow victories if losing well is not developed. Humility develops endurance by teaching one to try harder the next time. Hollow victories teach laziness and entitlement.

For spiritual health to thrive, the motive must connect to a greater purpose, one that allows you to reach for the heavens and pull it down to earth for the benefit of others.

Humility is the superhero in all of us, believing in self and especially others, like superheros do.

Ask yourself: 

  • In my need to express my frustration, am I choosing the best ‘outlet’?
  • Review expectations of self and others
    • unrealistic
    • under-achieving
  • How often do I sell myself or others short?
    • Do I root for others as well as myself enough?


Big challenge – Evaluate your character position: think of the person you are in the most conflict with right now, what exactly is the result you want to accomplish, being right? Being heard? Pay back? … Pin point it.

Now… how long are you willing to hold your position?

Humility builds and strengthens, it never holds a position that is abusive or subject to abuse. Humility unifies, even if it means you have to let go of some people some times. 

Victory heals Humility

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