D33: The Humility of Humility

Friday, 24 May 2019

Same as:

  • The gratitude of humility
  • The position of gratitude
  • The humility of humbleness
  • The humbleness of humility
  • Humility of service
  • The service of humility

It’s been said, one of the best ways to learn humility is in the company of those more refined in order to invoke the modesty of position. I agree, it is the best environment to learn respect (the behaviors of humility) in a real life setting.

If service lacks humility, the ego self-boasts, complains and blames others for mistakes.

Ask yourself: 

  • Does my humility reflect humility?
    • Am I over zealous and too quick in reactions to certain ‘triggers’?
    • Am I humbled by serving others or do I announce I did it, every time I do it?
      • Do I take too much pride in my humility?
  • Do I temper my humility with humility?
    • Am I arrogant, is my heart shut down?
      • Is the wall I have around my heart too impenetrable to allow humility?
      • Is ’emotional tension’ the first reaction I want to continue in?

Challenge: Hug someone today. Shucks! Live large and hug everyone!!! Just make sure respect stays in tact.

Humility heals Humility

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