D36: The Bonds of Love

Monday, 27 May 2019

Same as;

  • The love of connection
  • The kindness of bonding

Unfortunately, some connections to our love are overlays of transient truths. Characters in love are developed in the childhood years and are constantly being re-conditioned by life events.

Many ‘truths’ are formed in the psyche over a long period of time, making love’s largeness hard to define without identity tightly bound to all seven attributes of God’s image within us.

If foundational bonds are/were formed in discord, (rejection, abandonment, exploitation, manipulation, physical abuse, emotional abuse, etc.) then disconnection from false love must occur in order to recover one’s inner spirit to a healthy condition; one that is self assured, able to refute bad love, but able to receive healthy love too.

In ‘trigger’ moments, retreat!!! It’s not a cowardly thing to take a moment to plan strategy. Just don’t retreat too often, or for too long, otherwise disconnections from people, as a whole, inadvertently happens.

Connections require agape love for others in a live setting to boost spiritual vitality.

Ask yourself:

Do I withdraw my loving-kindness…
… out of fear? anger?
… because I’m jealous?
… because of judgment?
… because of a misunderstanding?
… because it’s ‘not popular’ to love (what’s their name)?

Do I connect my love…
… erratically? passionately? misguidedly?
… with the right expectations?
… proportionately? with balanced measures? compassionately?
… out of guilt? duty?
… authentically? w

Challenge: Examine what you are bonding your love to. Is it ‘true love’ your bonding with or is it artificial?

Love heals Bonds


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