Wk 6: Bonds

Evaluation of what we connect to doesn’t have to be grueling, it’s narrative actually focuses on our best strengths to reconnect us to things that propel us.

This is not a week to judge other connections to you, it is your week to see how you fair in your connections. Honestly, we really can’t control how ‘they’ connect to us, only how we connect to ‘them’.

Big tip – NO hasty moves this week, set realistic goals and if you happen to encounter big challenges with people, (like I seem to do during this particular week) smile and know God’s teaching you something as He’s bonding with you at the same time.

From the ties of your love with others to how well you connect to God and yourself, it will be an insightful week.

Chin up! It’s the second to the last week. And, the best week to reinforce our bonds to our inner spirit character which are most important to help us thrive in life.  – W


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