D40: The Humility of Bonds

Friday, 31 May 2019

Same as:

  • The gratitude of relationships
  • The humbleness attribute of connections

Regardless of race, lifestyle, gender, age, political or religious beliefs, humility must have its day with everyone in order to develop.

If humility is withdrawn based on opinions, then that is not humility, that is just plain “judgmentalism”. Humility is not confrontational, but is a force to be reckoned with.

There are only invalid excuses when withdrawing humility from others. It might sound selfish, but humility is more for our spirit than another’s.

Ask yourself: 

  • Are my bonds humbled? Or, do I expect my humility to be reciprocated?
  • Do I humbly disrespect others because they’re not doing what I think they should be doing? 
  • Do I disqualify God or Jesus in another person’s life…
    • Because they don’t match up to the beliefs believe in?
    • Because they are too ‘pitiful’ and the power of salvation is not really that strong enough to help a person in their ‘condition’?
      • Do I disqualify the person, or the power? Is that humbled?
  • SO…… Are my bonds to God serving? Or, am I defining my worthiness as having more value than another?
  • Am I really THE judge, or is God?
  • Am I His humbled child? Or, am I rebellious and steal His gavel for my use?

Challenge: Take the day to review your bonds to God. Ask Him to search your heart and reveal hidden areas of pride, incorrect judgments, and rebellion.

Humility heals Bonds

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