D41: The Bonds of Bonds


Saturday, 01 June 2019

Same as:

  • The connection aspect of bonds

Today we will focus on God’s bonds with us.

Bonds to God are vital. Without our life-line connections, we cease to breath.

Without a bond to God, our spiritual well-being is hindered. Our characters are effected. Our behaviors will display disconnection from Him.

God made us to bond to Him. It is the original design and it is still the design that works best for humans. He is our Father, our Creator, our Author, our Perfecter.

God’s love for humans is most undeserving, but to Him it’s not – it’s unconditional because we indeed are the objects of His affections.

There have been moments His heart was absolutely broken by us (Noah’s flood), but because of His bonds, He never broke His tie to us.

No questions today – 


Reflect on God’s bonds to you, with you and for you. He made you to be His. You are His child, whom He loves and wants a mutual connection with. Forget your flaws, trust issues, fears, or anything else that would prevent you from believing that you’re not good enough for Him. He really does love you – you are absolutely important to Him.



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