D45: The Beauty of Sovereignty

Wednesday, 05 May 2019

Same as: 

  • The harmony of leadership
  • The compassion aspect of free will
  • The balance of ownership

Without compassion, ownership becomes ‘lordship’. Valor is rich in service, it is the splendor of the ‘king’.

To actualize harmony in a group setting, self focus must be allowed to stop; yielding to the needs of others develops our abilities in compassion and reconditions selfish habits by replacing them with service habits.

Ask yourself: 

  • Am I clear in my requests or instruction to those in ‘my service’?
  • Am I spreading my compassion too thin with too many projects?
  • Am I part of a team? Or, am I a one-man-show?

Challenge: Lead in compassion today. Harmonize with others purposefully. Be the balance in emotions for all encounters you experience throughout the day.

Beauty heals Sovereignty

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