D46: The Victory of Sovereignty

Thursday, 06 June 2019

Same as:

  • The endurance of ownership
  • The determination aspect of leadership
  • The agendas and motives attributes of free-will

When doubt is at work in our lives it is impossible to reach any finish line with a competitive attitude. To know one’s limits is one thing, but to doubt your capacity to endure losses can cheat you out of your victory lap.

Keep going! You’re amazing! You were born to win!  Don’t forget – others were born to win also.

Ask yourself: 

  • Do I believe in myself?
    • How much?
  • Do I easily quit?
    • out of frustration?
    • out of jealousy?
    • out of fear of losing?
    • as a result of too many losses, or past traumas?
  • How determined am I to reach my goals?
    • Are they realistic?
      • balanced standards?
    • Do I have a strategy?
      • Is it re-evaluated periodically?


Challenge: Take a giant leap forward and do something you have been ‘mulling over’ but wasn’t sure you could do it or not. If it’s worthy, why not?

Victory heals Sovereignty


Sorry – no video today, just a repost of Windy Wendy and a brief personal note:

As I reflect on the last 6 weeks, I couldn’t help but to identify most with this picture.

Instead of telling you some ‘wisdom’ behind posting, I’d rather offer this:  If you’ve followed this blog all 46 days, I am hoping you have had a moment to attach yourself  to a day that exposed your ability to endure through all things, good and bad.

Through the ongoing practice of all 7 weeks, I have found that laughter is a motivator for stamina. Joy is not so elusive after all: it is found in harmonious bonds to love, truth and humility.

Also, I continually learn that endurance is what I make of it. No one has ownership over my attitude except me. Although I no longer beat myself up for regressing back to anger or fear, my ‘triggers’ continue reducing in frequency.  I now have many, many good days and the bad days are few and far between. That didn’t happen over night; it took about a year to get there.

I cannot exclude God in the process. It is our connection, or disconnection, to Him that defines our characters. He is the master designer of us and all things emotional about us. He cares about our spiritual well-being.

He believes in you…. and….. so do I!  And? I believe in myself too.

It’s a good day to have a good day!  –  W



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