D49: The Sovereignty of Sovereignty

Sunday, 09 June 2019

Same as:

  • The sovereignty of your sovereignty.
  • The free will of your free will.
  • The ownership of your ownership.


God gave His best characters to us for our peace and prosperity. Out of His entire creation, HUMANS are the objects of His affection. He takes His ownership of us seriously with every breath we borrow from Him each time we inhale.

If we are to thrive, we must own ourselves completely. Kindness, fair and balanced judgments, compassion, determination, correct positioning, healthy relational bonds and free-will are present within our souls for our explicit use. It is important to sharpen these life tools and continue doing so often if we really mean what we say when we ask for peace and prosperity.

Whether we use God’s best qualities in us responsibly or not is our choice, BUT, when we do employ His attributes within us then we can actualize our fullest potential: mentally, physically and spiritually.

Being a leader is NOT lordship (control) over people! NO!! It is the ownership of self- accountability in pure form. It does not promote low self esteem or criticize, rather, it bolsters self confidence by identifying with your own individuality and strengths.

When opposition arises, and it will, it is how well we own ourselves that determines the outcomes.

God is automatically there to go through all of our moments with us and available to grow us into mature children. As ‘grown up’ as we think we are, we never stop being His children, it’s not possible. Eternal separation is possible, but He is ultimately still our Father for an eternity. Nothing can change that fact. He created ALL things, He is the Father of ALL. He is the I AM. Not one thing is separate from Him.

Ask yourself: 

  • Am I a confident leader?
    • Do I lead, do I follow?
    • What prevents me from leading if I’m a follower?
    • If I’m a natural leader, am I too proud to be a follower?
  • Do I mask my insecurities to avoid contending with them?
    • How truthful am I with myself?
  • Do I indulge in my free will too excessively?
    • How disciplined am I in positive behaviors?
  • Do I recognize my value as God’s child?
    • Do I understand His ownership of me as well as my ownership of Him?


Celebrate all that God made you to be. Forget anything that might cause you to feel inadequate…. throw it completely out the window today. You are His child and He created you to be unique and very special in your own right. Celebrate God’s great gift of life in you by owning His breath in you today.

Sovereignty heals Sovereignty



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