It all began…

…when God spoke light out of darkness. And then? There we were. And now??…here we are. What now?

Sunday, 16 June 2019

While in deep intercession this past week, I wrote what I heard the Spirit of the Lord sing (sorta):

10th June 2019

Get up! Get up! It’s time to go… Steady, steady, steady NOW flow.

That word is for a specific people group. There are those who carve paths and there are those who don’t. Those who cut paths are also known as pioneers. The word the Spirit gave me was a word for those who are carving a new path or new paths.

I know that I am a pioneer and that word was specific to me, but it wasn’t for just me. It was for those of us who have had the ‘fixin’ to’ in our sights for so long we almost forgot what we were fixin’ to do.

Before going further, I need to confess – I’m one of those ‘Jesus Freaks’.  I actually believe the entire bible and I spend time with God in prayer…..a lot….. There are times when I hear the Holy Spirit and I will stop, drop and write down what I hear.

I’m not about to start giving a lot of prophetic words like the one above. I was encouraged to release this one because of the spiritual energy in the atmosphere and the Spirit of the Lord guaranteed me that this will hit the target it was designed to hit. I will trust God, no turning back now.

By the way, I failed you this past week by not remembering the last step (49 day series). The last step is actually the step up to the platform that allows you to see the view from ‘above’.

After 49 days of introspection, the 50th day is usually reserved for a “God moment”. It never fails if you know to search HIM out on that specific day. I failed to place emphasis on that, I did not mean to overlook that.

Also, I failed in giving the suggested reading of the book of Ruth on the 49th day’s evening in Jewish tradition. I am not Jewish, only a Texan, but still a follower of Christ with a heart to provide a daily challenge to purify our characters.

Now that that’s out of the way —in my last few video blogs I mentioned moving towards a ‘prophetic focus’. I also mentioned that I was presented with a new opportunity and that I would be embracing it.

I am not here to try and teach you how to use God’s gifts. The only thing I might actually be qualified in is dreams. I’ve gone the distance in learning how to separate truth from fiction. 100% of my dreams are prophetic. But, I am still a kindergartner in that even.

I share this info with you to give you fair warning that I will be diving more into spiritual core discipleship. I will use concepts relating to visions and dreams, plus current events that can directly influence the atmosphere. I do not sway from God’s commands or statutes.

There will be days both of us want to throw our hands up and quit, but we are not going to do that. We are made to go the distance and that’s what we’re going to do together.

Challenging our inner spirits develops the best aspects of our characters. This doesn’t have to be long drawn out bible studies, it can be more dynamic and desirable, like going to the gym and gaining muscle mass that makes you attractive.

Relate it to military training: good soldiers are always ready; they have reconditioned their thought patterns to reflect victory, not defeat; they have exercised and exercised, practiced maneuvers, reviewed their performance, strategically enhanced their effectiveness, practiced new tactics again, reviewed, tweaked their strategic plan again, then practiced again and again until their desired result became an automatic reflex.

The last series was all about ‘the red letters’ and was more for tethering a Jewish observance to Jesus and His illustrations of this method through the Gospels and how His Words are a light in the dark, even today.

This series is a little more free style. I will bring biblical scriptures into the video like the last time, just not limited to only the Gospels this time. I might not do a video every day but I will do my best to. I will not give a video on Sundays, but I will be consistent with giving a prophetic challenge for the day. I am erasing all of the challenges from the last series and allowing the Holy Spirit to determine that day’s goal.

Alright…. ya ready? I hope so, ’cause here we go……….again!



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