D1: The Love of Love

Monday, 16 June 2019

Same as:

  • The kindness aspect of love
  • The love attribute of kindness

God is love. I suppose that is why love is the hardest emotion to describe.

There are no words to adequately describe God just like there are no words to adequately describe love.

It’s no coincidence that God and love are the root of good. They do not cause bad, but must bare bad in order to establish good.

Humans have the capacity to love and be loved. Healthy love is determined by the truths it ties itself to.

If we are to develop healthy relationships we must be open to loving as well as receiving love. We also must be honest with ourselves in our capacity to love – the truth is: we are designed to be kind to other humans. 

Abusive love is not love. Love that rejects others is not love. Love that is criticizing, controlling, selfish or manipulative is not love.

Love is kind, patient and never boasting. Love builds and encourages, it extends compassion at the right tempo, never out of harmony with truth and endurance.

Love owns its responsibilities and is accountable to God because it is God.

In a world of fleshly love, how do we separate spiritual love from fleshly love – simple: we channel our energetic passions into kindness, which shifts love’s intention back to a pure state.

Ask Yourself:

  • Is my love loving, is it kind?
  • How honest is my love?
  • If my love is measured by past hurts, is my love loving enough to forgive?
  • Can I show love without receiving love in return?
  • How fake is my kindness?


Challenge: Influence the atmosphere specifically with the love aspect of your love. Use your kindness to change an entire room’s emotional state. It’s possible. Concentrate and focus on doing that. Love draws from kindness, kindness draws from love.

Love fosters Love


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