D3: The Beauty of Love

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Same as:

  • The compassion aspect of our kindness
  • The harmony attribute of our love
  • The balancing abilities of love

Beauty is defined as compassion, harmony, spiritual balance (not like a weight in strength, more like an anchor to keep you from floating too far from the shore).

Beautiful love NEVER robs peace, hope, or human dignity.

Even when you feel justified in giving an opponent a piece of your mind – beautiful love has a keen sense of hearing another person’s heart cries beyond their emotional state.

Harmonious love balances the many expressions love can display. Balance in this application is an anchor, remember? Compassion’s behavior relies on being anchored to love to actualize its purpose.

No questions today… make some up for yourself if you feel you need them.

Today’s challenge: Find someone in need and help them. OR… if there is someone who asked you for help or to spend a moment with them, make good on that request today. 

Beauty fosters Love

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