D4: The Victory of Love

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Same as: 

  • The endurance of loving-kindness
  • The perseverance of love
  • The intentions  and motivations of love
    • purpose
  • The determination of love

Being aggravated or angry is not the same as hate. Hate is a detest for someone. Hating our ‘neighbors’ separates us from God. God does not hate anyone – He IS Love. If we are to acknowledge Him as our trusted Father, then we best not hate anyone; to do so is proof we are not of Him.

Jealousy in any form will create unnecessary and time consuming fears causing you to withdraw love which is never what God intends you to do. Love is meant for sharing.

Perfect, victorious love casts out all fear. Fear is another word for doubting God. Doubt fosters defeating thoughts.

Ask yourself:

  • Will I fight for the love I have?
    • How long will I fight for the love I have?
  • How determined am I to love?
  • How healthy is my love?
    • Is it well enough to go long distances?

Today’s challenge:

In your thoughts today: ‘Fight’ for your enemy or the person you consider your biggest challenge or opponent. Purposefully be their defense attorney today and find the reason they deserve to be united with Jesus for an eternity in their after-life.






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