D5: The Humility of Love

Friday, 21 June 2019

Same as: 

  • Humbled Loving-kindness
  • Grateful love
  • Positioned Love


The humility of love requires all 7 attributes of love to be positioned in its intended spot. It works in tandem with the other attributes to promote self confidence.

We can not be other people, nor can we love from another’s position. Meaning: We cannot rely on a mimicked behavior as a standard for our individual success. We are meant to be unique, each of us.

Respect is a behavior of the character Humility. It begins with respect for God, who teaches your respect for yourself and then by design, you become efficient in respecting others.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I think for myself?
    • How often do I allow others to make up my mind?
  • Do I allow others to think for themselves?
    • How often do I demand my way?

Exercise for the day:

Introspectively consider your individuality today. .Be YOU today. Take off the mask and just be you for today. If you feel like putting the mask back on tomorrow, ok – but today? Just be you and let others be them.


Humility fosters Love

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