Wk 2: Strength

Strength equals: 

  • abilities
  • integrity
  • disciplines
  • judgments, standards
  • law and justice matters
  • business dealings
  • all things that pertain to an individual’s ‘truth’
  • Restraint, self-control

Strength in terms of human spirit is determined by the levels of integrity practiced. Our personal integrity is measured by our own judgments and perceptions.

Sleeping disorders can be attributed to matters relating to strength. Racing thoughts can bring fatigue. Flip side: self doubt can dumb you down.

Discipline directly effects endurance. Without practice and conditioning it is easier to wane, or quit, out of fear or laziness.

God made us to be strong –

  • we are designed to be disciplined in fairness, love, submissiveness, encouragement and honesty.

Strengths that are deficient can be healed by God’s Word.


Have a strong week! – W


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