8/49: How Loving is Your Truth?



The integrity side of love is best displayed this way: through fairness, truthfulness,  thoughtfulness, submissiveness (to honest matters) and obedient in patient kindness.

Disciplined love uses balanced scales to weigh words and intent.

True love does not have to state its case, its proof is established through its honesty.

Ask yourself:

  • In kindness, how honest am I?
  • Are there areas in my loving-kindness that are shaped by outside influences?
    • If yes, then what is preventing me from drawing from the source of love that is honest and truthful within myself?


Challenge: Love Strong: Ok… it’s Monday! Intentionally make the effort and be the ‘chipper’ morning person, but make it an all day thing. Don’t be obnoxious, just a strong attitude in love today: authentically kind. It doesn’t matter how the other person is behaving, be strong in kindness today.

Love fosters Strength


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