D9: Strength of Strength

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Same as: 

  • The strength of strength
  • The discipline of discipline
  • The integrity of integrity

Real strength embraces accountability and welcomes disciplines. God’s strength within us is disciplined by His Word.

Disciplines in integrity include practices in speaking the truth.

Three habits to break:

  1. Lying to God (impossible, it’s crazy that we still try)
  2. Lying to yourself
  3. Lying to others


Ask yourself:

  • When I lie, how does it benefit me?
    • Keeps me out of trouble?
    • I avoid a consequence?
    • Keeps me in denial?
  • How strong is my truth?
  • Is my honesty something to be afraid of?
    • How does that fear benefit me?

Challenge: NO lies today… not even teeny tiny ones. Keep your mouth closed if you are faced with a moment you might lie. 


Strength fosters Strength

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