D10: The Beauty of Strength

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Same as:

  • Compassionate strength
  • Harmonious integrity
  • Balanced judgments
  • Beautiful weights and measures

True beauty is strong in compassionate truth. The compassionate side of our disciplines is all about healing within the confines of truth.

Tough love is another side of Beautiful Strength: Compassion draws from need, strength draws from truth. Thought: If compassion’s version of truth leans too much toward situational pity, the real need (the truth) will be distorted.

Opinions that lack compassion are usually demoting and devaluing to self and others. Low self esteem withdraws compassion from self and others with lies about self-worth.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I ‘railroad’…
    • …others to drive my truth?
    • …my truth to comply with another’s?
  • Regarding another’s needs: do I give it my all? Or, do I give just enough?
  • Do I pity myself or others excessively?
    • Am I preventing the growth of another by robbing them of a chance to be independent?
  • How do I define a ‘need’?


Challenge: Practice compassionate honesty. If you are ‘filling a need’ today, be sure you are drawing from truthful definitions of ‘need’.

Beauty fosters Strength


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