D11. The Victory of Strength

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Same as: 

  • The endurance of your truth
  • The intentions of your standards
  • The determination of your opinions

We don’t always have good days, but when bad moments happen it is God’s character of enduring truth that reminds us that we are resilient.

The determination to remain strong is contingent on embracing challenges that reprove our integrity. Even small dishonest acts work against us by forfeiting the victory in our strengths.

Ask yourself only two questions: 

What am I most strong in? Has it been reproved? 

Challenge: Strength in OneToday, find a way to have quite time with God. I mean serious quiet time. Endure the silence long enough to ask the Lord to expose your strengths from Him. He will because He loves loving on His children!

Victory fosters Strength



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