D12: The Humility of Strength

Tuesday, 28 June 2019

Same as:

  • The position of truth
  • Humbled standards
  • The gratitude of strength

It is true that pride is a byproduct of deficient humility characters, however it is much more than that. Pride might be humility’s opposite but so is low self esteem and spiritual complacency.

Humility drives behaviors concerning all of our judgments: It acts as a buffer for our reactions in social encounters because of the positional value it holds.

Excessive humility, also known as false humility, is evident in behavior that cower inappropriately. It will also ‘turn a blind eye’. It invariably submits to defeat through the misconceptions of being inadequate.

Ask yourself: 

  • How modest am I?
  • How strong am I?
  • How grateful am I?
  • During confrontations, do I show respect? To myself? To others?


Challenge: Evaluate the strengths (truths, standards and judgments) in your humility.