Wk:3 Beauty – overview

Not only compassion and harmony, but splendor and majesty are also aspects of real beauty.

To see God’s majesty is as simple as looking at creation. To see His splendor is as simple as looking at man-kind.

Though God’s reflection can be hidden deep within man’s soul, never to be displayed, it is still an eternal part of his existence and will be examined when his soul returns to Him who created it.

For us to be majestically splendorous, just like our Father in Heaven, it is in the simple acts of compassion towards His creation.

Compassion that is not well defined can overact and stifle another person’s personal growth if boundaries are not set. And, on the other hand, compassion that is underdeveloped draws from selfish ambitions.

This week is for challenging our beauty:

Are really the compassionate children of God we say we are? How can we tell? Ok…..Let’s test ourselves in these areas this week.

Warm regards – W

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