D15. The Love of Beauty

Monday, 01 July 2019

Same as: 

  • The kindness of compassion
  • The love attribute of harmony
  • The loving-kindness aspect of beauty

Love that is beautiful reflects selflessness.

We can verify God’s attribute of loving compassion through His ever-present promises of forgiveness, blessings, and everlasting peace. His display of selflessness is found in his adoration for us.

Provable: When we are in harmony with Him, we don’t have to hold God to His Word, His promises are just freely given by default.

Prayer and petitions that are grounded in beautiful love seek  blessings for others, even for enemies.

As tough as it might seem, the most merciful act you can display might be in restraining your compassion to someone. Sometimes, yes, sometimes, our strong love can blind us if we’re not careful, making it easy to unknowingly extend compassionate harm, not balanced service.

Ask yourself: 

  • How loving is my compassion?
    • towards others?
    • towards myself?
  • How well do I forgive?
    • others?
    • myself?

Challenge: Find one situation that allows you to engage loving compassion by helping someone today. If this is hard to accomplish then evaluate what is preventing this character from acting in the manner it was designed.


Love fosters Beauty




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