D17: The Beauty of Beauty

Wednesday, 03 July 2019

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Mental balance can be driven by emotional highs and lows. The real essence of beauty harmonizes our posture in all of those situations.

Spiritual wellness depends on helping others. To be too self focused causes a type of vanity that is unflattering and ugly.

Spiritual beauty is really not about looks, however when we do show mercy, kindness, patience, and/or compassion, we are displaying the best versions of ourselves. Our outward appearance automatically becomes harmonious with our inner appearance.

Ask yourself: 

  • What keeps me from being compassionate?
    • Am I too self focused on my hurts or frustrations?
    • Do I see others as equals, or not deserving of help?


Challenge: Repeat yesterday’s challenge:embrace every opportunity to show compassion, even towards yourself. Don’t force your help on others, allow it to be received first.

Beauty fosters Beauty


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