D18: The Victory of Beauty

Thursday, 04 July 2019


Same As:

  • The distance we go to help others, including ourselves
  • The determination to be empathetic / sympathetic
  • The motives and agendas behind our acts of compassion

Endurance requires ‘being needed’ otherwise its purpose will not be found.

Beauty’s longevity is determined by our spiritual core’s motives.

I once read that angels are particularly impressed with human’s ability to endure hardships. They found our resilience wonderful and marvelous because they were not created with such characters that mirrored God. I believe that to be true.

In spite of us, God determined us to be splendorous, which is an aspect of His perfect image imprinted on us. No other part of His creation bares our beauty.

Challenge: FREEDOM FROM STRESS TODAY!!!!!  Focus on mental and spiritual balance – this conditions enduring beauty. Even if you encounter someone stressed – REMAIN STRESS FREE!  Pick your panic up tomorrow if you insist, but today? Let it go! Live in the moment and relax!

Victory fosters Beauty



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